Dr. Barbara Ebel: Collateral Circulation

Auntiemwrites-Mystery Author M K Graff

Please welcome Dr. Barbara, author of the Dr. Danny Tilson Novels, whose own clinical background adds credibility to all of her medical scenes. And as an added bonus, one lucky reader who leaves a comment will win an audiobook copy of Collateral Circulation~

CC EBook 900 x 1200

Collateral Circulation: a Medical Mystery by Barbara Ebel, M.D. is the 2015 NIEA – National Indie Excellence Awards – Finalist for Medical Thrillers. It is the third book in the Dr. Danny Tilson Novels, but each book can stand alone. The fourth book, Secondary Impact, will be published any day. Here’s Collateral Circulation’s synopsis:

A lavishly enriched blood supply piques Dr. Danny Tilson’s interest as he performs a routine surgery on Varg Dagmar’s brain. He soon discovers that it’s not just his patient’s cranial anatomy that’s remarkable, but his superlative mental capabilities as well.

As more and more patients surface with similar mystifying profiles, Danny…

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